Teachers Pay Teachers

I am now selling products on Teachers Pay Teachers website. I will be loading most of my digital papers/backgrounds in both sizes and some clip art from me. Products purchased at Teachers Pay Teachers can be used to create free items to sell/share on Teachers Pay Teachers website and 1 other website you own (like your blog). But, YOU MUST purchase the products through the Teachers Pay Teachers website to do this. Why? Because it helps me keep track of who is making free lessons/items/products/digital downloads – in case someone contacts me. You can not make free items with purchases made through the main website (MarloDee Designs – www.marlodeedesigns.com UNLESS you are a designer for Teachers Pay Teachers OR Teachers Notebook – then you MUST contact me for terms and how to do it legally so you don’t get your items reported/pulled from the websites). I need to have records of who is doing what :)

To visit my store at Teachers Pay Teachers – here is the link – http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Marlodee-Designs


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