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Hello there,

Last month, MarloDee Designs renewed the SSL certificate we have for the website. This is required for online businesses to do in order to protect our customers. What does that mean for you? Well …

When visiting MarloDee Designs you might see something and have something pop up or be announced to you. I wanted to post this to help explain …

You might see a warning triangle symbol in the address line (see sample photo above). This normally shows up to warn you that there may be an issue or security problem with the website. Or, you may have a pop up screen from your IE or Firefox browser that warns you there may be a security issue with the website and proceed with caution – or back out.

This normally happens right after a business (like us) renew our SSL certificate because it takes forever for everyone (the browser/internet – so forth) to actually update the browser links to update to the correct information. It can also occur when you have cleared your cookies and they need to be re-issued. It is nothing special you have to do.

Sometimes it can actually be a problem website (has spyware or malware) and it is a good thing it is warning you – so you can back out from visiting the website.

I want to let you know – it is ok to visit my website. I have updated all of my information and hopefully everyone/everything will update its records soon. So, you can proceed with viewing the website and shopping with us.

If you have any questions or concerns – please don’t hesitate to email me :)

… marlo

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