Cuddle Creek

MarloDee Designs is super excited to announce that we have acquired the exclusive rights to sell Cuddle Creek’s inventory as she is shutting down her website for a while. This includes all of her wonderful clip art and beautiful printables. Now – there are a couple other websites that are/will be selling her printables as she offered a reseller printables license for a while. But, we are going to have exclusive rights to selling her clip art :)

We are still in the final stages of getting everything finalized – but she has given us the thumbs up that is it a go! (so we can announce it Yea!)

We are super excited to be offering this to our customers. This is another example as to what MarloDee Designs wants to be for our customers. A great website to get all of your designing needs – - exclusive products – high quality products and in demand products :)

Stay tuned as we will send out a newsletter when we have started to load Cuddle Creek products in our store :)

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