FREE DIY Father’s Day Greeting Card


Need a last minute Father’s Day greeting card? Here is a card you can use. It is a print your own greeting card. Just save the image to your computer, print the file on cardstock or your favorite paper of choice, cut the card out and fold in half. You have a cool card to give to Dad. For personal use only please …

FREE Digital Designer Papers/Backgrounds

Hello there,

Opened up a new section in my DeviantArt “store” where I am going to be offering a large selection of FREE digital papers/backgrounds. You DON’T need to sign up with deviantArt or be a member to be able to download this papers. Once you are on the paper page – scroll down a little – and you will see a download button the right side of page.

Terms of Use …

You can use this for your own personal use OR for commercial use. You can use this background to decorate your website. You can use this background to create products to sell (printed or digital). You can NOT share this background with anyone else. You can NOT give this background away for free. You can NOT sell this background to anyone. You can NOT add this background to your scrapbook or card kit. (or tagger kits) You can NOT use this to make free products.

Credit MarloDee Designs – is required.

enjoy … Happy Creating!

More FREE poser graphics

Hello there,

It has been a while, but with the fall season it is now time to start loading up more products in the store here and offer more options. One of options we offer is FREE graphics. These are 3D poser graphics from us and yes you can use them …

:: PU/S4H/S4O/CU ok!
:: CU4CU ok ONLY do not just add them to your kits or packages – NO RESELL
:: No altering/changing/removing or adding
:: No templates, scripts, cutter files or embroidery patterns please

Again – you can use these – please give us credit and do not resell them! :)

Get a FREE July 4th Printables Party package!

Would you like to get a FREE July 4th themed printable party package? I am offering the opportunity for some of you to get your printable package purchase free.

Here are the details …

Visit the Party Printables section here – and purchase 1 package of your choice.

Then print out the package and use it. Use it to decorate your party. Please use all of the pages in the package or at least 90% of the package in your party decorating.

Before anyone starts to party – take pictures of what you decorated and created using the party package. Please take well lit and large photos. Please make sure they are clear and professional looking … here are some examples of what I am looking for …

{the above images are property of Baby Star Design – they are NOT from MarloDee Designs … I am only posting these images to show samples of photos I am looking for … I am not selling this product – if you want these packages you need to purchase them from Baby Star Design. Again – these are being shown for sample purposes and they are the property of Baby Star Design}

Once you have your pictures – then send them to me @ and please put in there what they are for and who you are.

If I select your photos to use for sample images – I will refund the FULL purchase price of the package your purchase!

*** here is the small print … The images you take can have a watermark placed on them stating who took the image or your name. Please do NOT cover up the actual photo with your watermark. Please place your watermark below the images. You can collage your images like shown above to make a nice looking photo. I am looking for a professional looking photo! If you don’t have capabilities of adding a credit/watermark – you can let me know and I can put your name or business name under the images (yes I can include a website address with the credit).

The MAX number of photos you can submit is 4. They MUST be at least 1000×1000 in size. Please do NOT take photos with your camera phone. I realize some camera phones can take good photos – but again I want professional photos. So unless you are really good with taking photos with your phone – please use a camera or digital camera. Blurry or fuzzy photos will not be accepted.

You can only do this for ONE themed package per holiday. So, you can only do this with 1 July 4th package for the July 4th holiday. I will send you an email letting you know if I have accepted your photos or not. You have to purchase the package from MarloDee Designs – in order to get a refund. You can not obtain this package from a friend or family member and then submit photos to get money or store credit. There must be record of your purchase on file with the website here.

Submitting your photo (s) gives MarloDee Designs the right to use them on our website, in promotional ads (like emails or flyers or postcards or other online/printed advertising) and other areas we need to show off our products. We will NOT use them to make money. Like we will not use the image on t-shirts and things to make money off your images. We will only be using them for our own use. So – you are allowing us to do this.

You need to tell us if you require a credit or watermark on your photos (if you don’t put them on there yourself). Please again – do not make your credit or watermark the main reason for the image. The main reason for the images is to show the printable products and how they look printed and how they can be used. I don’t mind having a small website link in the sample images – but this is not free advertising to the point I am showing a sample image of an advertisement for your website, store or blog. Yes – you can be a professional party planner or photographer to do this. Or you can just be someone who wants to decorate their party with printables they print themself and show their crafty side!

You can use them in unique and different ways other then posted. But, please do not stray too much from the concept of the idea. Also – do NOT add other products in the photos. What I mean by that is – do not add other designs (other people’s party packages or designs of your own) in the photos. Again – the main reason of these photos is to promote MarloDee Designs products – not everyone else’s. If you use the graphics that were used to create the packages (they will be posted in the related items section on the left of each product page) to create additional party decorations – that is OK. But – please do not mix and match too much. It needs to show the main party package in the main sample image.

MarloDee Designs reserves the right to refuse any photos submitted. We do not have to give a full reason why it is accepted or rejected. If the photos are rejected – we will try to explain why so if you want to submit more photos for the next holiday – then you can with the new suggestions :) — MarloDee Designs reserves the right to alter the photos in size, exposure (like make them lighter or darker or brighter in color), add borders or our logo to them. Again – we will give you credit for the original image if you require :)

If you have any questions – please email me at – I opened up that account for personal business questions :)

HAVE FUN! And good luck!

Free Designs!

Here are some free products you can use …

All of these are Personal Use OK! Commercial Use OK! and Commercial Use for Commercial Use OK! – You CAN NOT resell these, share them or add them to kits as is. These are offered free for you to use in your digital or printed creations. You can sell your creations using these graphics – but these graphics can not be the main and only image offered in your creation. If you do not understand this – please contact me before using them.

**** PLEASE credit MarloDee Designs when using these in your commercial products/designing :)








April 2013 :: Freebies

Here are a few free items you can use …terms are simple … please read them below and of course – enjoy!

MAKE SURE YOU CREDIT MarloDee Designs when using these for commercial

You can use these for making digital or printed items to sell in your store, etsy store, ebay store, teacher store, multi vendor store or blog. You can use these to make commercial use ok items to sell in your stores/website or blog. You can NOT use these to make free items to give or share to your customers or followers. You can not recolor these, resize them or give them to your customers. You must make something new from them. For example – the digital paper – you can use it as a background to make a digital scrapbook page to sell, or use it for the background of a digital (or printed) greeting card – yes you can use it for web design as well. BUT – you can not just use it alone – you must layer and add graphics/text or designs to the items to make new items to offer. Do NOT offer layered products to your customers. The rule is – if your customer can get these items as is (as you received them) from you – then it is not allowed. I realize these are offered for free – but you are not to just hand them out. If your customer wants it – have them to come to the blog here and get it themself. If you have any questions regarding this – please ask and don’t assume :)

Floral Paper 12"x12" Green :: CLICK ON IMAGE to open up full size (full size is 3600x3600) paper - then right click and save paper on your computer :: Terms listed above applies

Congratulations Chrome :: CLICK ON IMAGE to open up full size word (full size is 2100x1000) - then right click and save word art on your computer :: Terms listed above applies

Happy Birthday Candy Blue :: CLICK ON IMAGE to open up full size word (full size is 2100x630) - then right click and save word art on your computer :: Terms listed above applies

Happy Birthday Candy Pink :: CLICK ON IMAGE to open up full size word (full size is 2100x630) - then right click and save word art on your computer :: Terms listed above applies

Happy Birthday Candy Red :: CLICK ON IMAGE to open up full size word (full size is 2100x630) - then right click and save word art on your computer :: Terms listed above applies

Thank You Watercolor :: CLICK ON IMAGE to open up full size word (full size is 2100x580) - then right click and save word art on your computer :: Terms listed above applies

Black & White Bow :: CLICK ON IMAGE to open up full size bow (full size is 1829x1111) - then right click and save bow on your computer :: Terms listed above applies

Enjoy – Happy Creating!

Freebie Graphics moved …

If you are looking for freebie cookie or poser graphics … I have moved them to my deviantArt page at – - – - you can download the images from that gallery.

Please read the terms of use before downloading them – do NOT share them or re-distribute them digitally. They are not public domain images – they still have terms of use and I still own the rights to my artwork.

3 Free Poser Graphics

I have loaded 3 free poser graphics into my deviantArt account – I have a few others there too. These are free – large graphics you can use for personal and commercial use. Terms are the same as in the store here – you can use them – give credit and do not give away, distribute as is or sell them/share them with others. If you have questions let me know…


Not all of the items shown in this slideshow/display are free items. This is artwork of mine that I have on display at deviantArt and you can purchase posters/prints through their website :)

If you just want to go to the free poser graphics – click on this link –

Free Christmas Digital Paper Package

Offering a FREE digital paper package. This package has 15 12″x12″ (3600×3600) scrapbook digital papers. The colors are a classic Christmas holiday style. Each paper has an elegant black border to it. Great for designing and creating!

** Terms of Use – please read and make sure you follow. Even though these are free – they are not yours. Which means you can’t just do anything you want. I am giving you free permission to use these for your personal crafting and commercial business uses.

You can use these for PU/S4H/S4O/CU & CU4CU (yes you can use these to make printed or digital items to sell to your customers in your store). You can use them to make designs for your Cafepress & Zazzle stores. Please do not share or sell these. Do NOT add these pages to a kit (scrapbook or card making) and then share or sell the kit. You can not cut these up, resize or recolor these to try to share and/or sell that way. You can not print these out and offer the printed pages to your customers (free or for sale) as is. If you are using them, distributing them, selling them or sharing them as you got them from me (whether it is original size or color or not) – then it is not allowed. If you do not understand – please use my contact page through my store to send me your questions.

If you want to let other people know I am offering these free (like if you have a blog where you like to share freebie deals) – please direct them to download it from my blog. Or, contact me to discuss a possibility that I might let you offer them on your blog (but you have to get permission from me first).

Please click on the image to download the package onto your computer. The package is 28 MB in size (large package) – so please allow time for the full zipped package to download.












Credit is not necessary with this package – but it is nice :)